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Benefits of Gurmar, Medicinal uses, and dosage

Gurmar is a special herb  that primarily treats and cures diabetes; both – Type 1 and Type 2. In Ayurveda it had a very special place as it regulates the sugar level in the body. The Gurmar plant is a creeper like money plant with weak stems and tendrils. It has chewable leaves which alone, take away the sensation of sweetness from our tongue.

Gurmar flowers are small, pale yellowish-green and the roots of the plant are semi-thick. It is abundant in anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties which help the pancreatic cells in fighting the free radicals and increase the secretion of insulin. It stimulates the digestive fire and removes the toxins and ama from the system.

This in turn brings down the level of bad cholesterol and increases the level of good cholesterol. It contains Gurmarin, which helps prevent of absorption of glucose in the blood.

This reduces cravings for food and facilitates weight loss. Gurmar is a very good de-worming agent. It helps to detoxify the body by getting rid of the worms from the body, owing to its hot potency. It treats cough and fever very effectively.


Gurmar thrives in tropical climates. Since India has a characteristic tropical climate throughout, hence Gurmar is native to India. Apart from India, it is also native to other countries that enjoy tropical climates like Africa and Australia. In India, it grows in abundance in Uttar Pradesh and Goa.


Gurmar is also known as Meshashringi, Vishani, Madhunashini in Ayurveda. The scientific name of Gurmar is Gymnema sylvestre. The detailed classification is given as:

  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Class: Magnoliopsida
  • Order: Gentianales
  • Family: Asclepiadaceae
  • Genus: Gymnema
  • Species: Sylvestre

Ayurvedic Properties of Gurmar:

Gurmar has an astringent and bitter taste. In terms of Ayurveda it has a KAshaya and tikhta rasa. Gurmar is light and dry so it has a laghu and ruksha guna. Gurmar is of hot potency or ushna viraya.

It undergoes pungent digestion and hence is known to have a katu vipaka. Gurmar contains the chemicals like gymnemic acid, inositol, quercitol, etc, which help to manage diabetes, cholesterol, weight loss, and helps in deworming.

Effects on Dosha:

Gurmar balances all three doshas. But it works more effectively to reduce the levels of kapha and pitta doshas in the body. It cleanses the urinary tract and prevents it from different types of renal infections.  It clears the bronchial and nasal passage, removes the blockage from the respiratory tract by removing the excess mucus. Gurmar is very effective in treating both types of diabetes with increased insulin and maintain a healthy sugar level in the blood with a very healthy heart.

Medicinal Uses:

  • It helps in reducing the swelling of the liver, pancreas, spleen, or skin caused due to infections with its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It  is very good for eyesight and hence provides relief from painful eyes.
  • Is very good in treating respiratory diseases and asthma.
  • Is very effective in treating cold cough and fever as it gets rid of excess accumulated mucus.
  • It acts as a coolant and reduces the burning and itching sensation in the eyes, stomach, skin, etc.
  • Kills worms or Krimi in the intestines with its hot potency.
  • Reduces the bad cholesterol by decreasing the level of ama in the system.
  • Keeps the heart-healthy.
  • Facilitates a better circulation of blood throughout the body.
  • Treats some major skin infections and disorders.
  • Induces healthy weight loss.
  • Regulates and maintains optimum blood sugar levels.
  • Gurmar heals the ulcers and wounds very fast.
  • Is an excellent anti-coagulant that helps in treating bleeding disorders like piles, menorrhagia, etc.


  • The advised dosage for an adult per day is given as:
  • Powdered Gurmar leaves: 3- 6 gm with plain water
  • Gurmar root decoction: 40 – 80 ml
  • As per the recommended dosage by the physician


Lactating mothers should take caution and consult their physician before consuming it. Also, excessive consumption might cause weakness, instability, and hypoglycemia, Hence care should be exercised before consuming it.

Note: Our purpose is to serve useful information related to Gurmar’s benefits, dosage, and other properties. It is advised to the patients not to consume it on the basis of this information. Before taking this as a medicine it is better to have an expert opinion because dosage and treatment vary from patient to patient depending on their symptoms and medical history.

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