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About Life Aveda

Life Aveda is a herbal wellness GMP AYUSH certified brand that is a pioneer in the Ayurvedic healing industry.
A brand that started with eleven herbal formulations by B Ramandeep with the idea and mission to heal the world through nature is now offering more than a hundred Ayurvedic formulations which are deeply trusted by people across the globe!


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Life Aveda Believes in:

Crafting Ayurvedic solutions to heal the mind and body. 

Life Aveda harnesses the power of natural ingredients to bring about an Ayurvedic revolution in the body. The products created by Life Aveda are entirely herbal, plant-based, and a hundred percent chemical-free to heal the body with the goodness of the ingredients that are purely rustic and natural. The sole aim of the brand is to spread Ayurvedic healing across the globe and unravel the potential of Ayurveda. 


The brand was incepted with the vision of bringing together the goodness of Ancient Ayurveda and its power to heal along with modern-day technology and ingredients to create formulations that promote internal healing and wellness. In doing so, we envision offering the best of both worlds to people across the globe to promote holistic healing and nourishment.


The whole and sole mission of the brand is to make the world a healthier place by supporting health and vitality through the natural elements of nature, the components that also make up the body! Our herbal formulations provide organic healing, nourishment, and nuturing to the body which are essential to lead a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life.

Brain behind Life Aveda

B Ramandeep started the herbal wellness brand Life Aveda three years ago with the motto to spread and share the goodness of Ayurveda throughout the world by revealing the underutilized potential of Ayurveda and its holistic approach to healing. Today, she has earned great recognition and applause for her tireless efforts in the Ayurvedic industry to promote natural healing by focusing on mental and gut health, the two seats of human well-being. 

Her vision and mission to make this Indian herbal brand a global name is now in its glory due to the highly effective and genuine organic products created by the brand. Life Aveda’s Ayurvedic route has indeed carved a path to organic healing and wellness!

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