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Ayurvedic Products for Dispensing Doctors

Are you an Ayurvedic Doctor by practice who’s looking out for reliable suppliers to market and dispense trusted and organic Ayurvedic Products?

If yes, then this is where your search ends! Aveda Ayur brings to you the opportunity to market, dispense, and sell a hundred percent vegetarian and natural Ayurvedic products under our brand name or your own brand identity or you can also ask for a loose supply. 

About Aveda Ayur and Life Aveda

Aveda Ayur is a trusted Ayurvedic Products manufacturing company that markets its products under the brand name Life Aveda. Life Aveda brings Ayurvedic Doctors the opportunity to sell natural products manufactured by Aveda Ayur and allows you to do the same under your own brand name. 

That’s right! Now market and dispense completely natural and safe Ayurvedic Products without any production investments that too under your own brand identity.

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    Ayurvedic Products for Dispensing | Opportunity for Ayurvedic Doctors

    USP Of Our Products

    • Our products are hundred percent natural and vegetarian.
    • Only Standardized herbal extracts are used in the manufacturing process to maintain quality and consistency.
    • Appropriate ingredient quantity is used as mentioned in product labels and descriptions.
    • No animal cruelty is done during the production process.
    • All the products and supplements are completely free from chemicals, preservatives, additives, and metals.
    • The efficacy of the products is tried and tested under clinical trials.
    • The products are formulated under the guidance of Ayurvedic experts. 
    • Latest and high technology equipment is used for the production process to avoid minute errors.
    • Fully automatic machinery that includes an automatic liquid filling machine, fully automatic capsule filling machine, double cone blender, herbs grinder, and pulverizer is used for the production of herbal tablets, capsules, powders, blends, oils, and syrups. 

    How to Form An Association With Us?



    You can benefit by selling our Ayurvedic Products under our brand name, Life Aveda itself as we as an ayurvedic brand are established in the Ayurvedic Pharma Industry. People and patients are familiar with our brand name and trust our products to provide natural healing. By doing so you can earn the trust of patients and earn a lifetime association with them for consultancy and treatment.



    Life Aveda also offers you the chance to establish your own brand name and market Aveda Ayur products under the same, or If you have an existing brand and are looking out for options to expand and market it, Aveda Ayur is your final destination in your hunt for Ayurvedic Product suppliers. Products are supplied in loose packaging in this case for Ayurvedic Doctors to label them as their own and sell and prescribe them under their own brand name. This allows the brand a chance for recognition and promotion along with the safety and purity of products that we provide. 

    Our Certification

    All the products are verified under the following certifications:



    The Food and Drug Administration is a federal agency that is a part of the United States Department of Health and Human Services. The Certificate verifies that all products of a USFDA Certified Unit are tested and safe for use.



    It is a mandatory Certificate that is required for the food products to be exported to the USA, Israel, and Europe. It aims to avoid cross-contamination of certain foods such as milk, meat, fish, edible oils, etc.



    HALAL Certificate is a document of guarantee for products and services aimed at the Muslim population to meet the requirements of Islamic Law and therefore are suitable for consumption in Muslim Majority Countries and western Countries where a significant population practices Islam.



    The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is a legal authority that offers food licenses to all Food Business Operators (FBO) in India.

    GMP - Ayush Department of India

    GMP – Ayush Department of India

    An AYUSH Licence or Certification allows any business enterprise to carry our Ayurvedic, /Unani/ Siddha practices or products in any part of India. 



    This certificate implies that the business organization develops, maintains, and continuously improves its business processes. 



    Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Certificate defines International Standards required for effective control of food safety.

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