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Summer Foods and Habits that can Help You Balance Your Doshas

Get Summer Ready by following these simple tips to balance your Doshas:

  • Eat fresh seasonal produce.
  • Include these three prominent tastes in your diet – sweet, bitter, astringent.
  • Add fresh herbs and spices to your food.
  • Drink lots of fluids and water.
  • Say no to sour, pungent, and salty foods.
  • Stay calm and composed by meditating.
  • Keep your body calm and cool by indulging in water activities.

What are Doshas?

According to Ayurveda, the world is made up of five elements namely Aakash (space), Jala (water), Agni (fire), Prithvi (earth), and Vayu (air). These five elements combine with each other to form the Doshas which are responsible for an individual’s mental, emotional, and physiological health. The three Doshas include Vatta, Kapha, and Pitta.

Every individual is made up of a distinctive ratio of these Doshas that determine the behavior, health, and psychology of humans. Ayurveda states that it is essential to achieve an optimum balance between these five elements that make up the Doshas, in order to achieve prime health. 

Now that we have understood what are doshas, let us quickly learn about each of them in brief, to be aware of what each one of us is made up of and how to balance them to enjoy good health. 

The Three Doshas – Explained!

Doshas help in determining a person’s behavior and psychology along with his mental, emotional, and physical characteristics. Let us see how

Name of The DoshaCharacteristicsStrengthsWeaknessesManagement
VataMade up of air and space.
Cool, rough, dry, spacious, light, and flowing.
Seasonal representation – Autumn.
People with Vata Dosha  are slim, creative, energetic, and spontaneous.Easily affected by the weather, food, and people around. 
Kind-hearted, and soft.
Quick learners
Easily stressed.
Easily distracted
Irregular appetite
Sensitive digestion
Easily overwhelmed.
Must follow a regular routine.
Stress management by meditating and exercising.Consumption of hot and warm fluids and foods.
Kapha Made up of earth and water.
Describes steady, stable, slow, heavy, soft, and cold.
Seasonal representation – Spring.
People with this dosha are caring, strong, and supportive.They rarely get upset, or angry, and are usually calm and composed.
Happy by nature.
Strong immunity.
Gain weight easily.
Buildup mucus.
Vulnerable to depression.
Regular exercising.
Healthy and balanced diet.
Following a routine.
Sleeping early. 
Pitta Made up of fire and water.
Described as ht, sharp, mobile, and oily.
Seasonal representation – Summers. 
People with Pitta Dosha are usually athletic, strong, and good leaders. 
Highly competitive, goal-oriented, and aggressive.
Intelligent.Quick learner.
Have healthy skin and hair.
Good leaders.
Have quick metabolism.
Impatient.Prone to acne.
Sensitive to high temperatures.
Avoid heat.
Establish work-life balance.
Maintain healthy sleeping pattern.
Exercise regulalry. 

Once you’re well versed with the concept of Ayurvedic Doshas, it is going to be much easier for you to balance the elements by managing your Doshas. 

Summers can affect your health by raising your body temperature. This affects the Doshas and creates an imbalance between the five elements. To enjoy a healthy and quality life.

Healthy Summer Foods and habits to balance The Doshas 

Doshas are present in different proportions in each individual. Climatic and seasonal changes can affect these proportions and affect the well-being of the body. To avoid this, following a seasonal diet and taking necessary precautions can help you in managing the proportions and creating a balance between these Doshas. Let us see how we can achieve this!

Healthy Summer Foods to balance The Doshas 

Since Pitta is the seasonal representation of summers, it is the most affected Dosha  during the summer season. To pacify Pitta, the following foods can be extremely helpful:

  • Fresh yogurt
  • Milk
  • Fresh seasonal produce 
  • Grains
  • Naturally sweet foods like fruits, coconut water, apple, berries, etc.

Apart from these foods that are bitter, sweet, and astringent, also contribute to Pitta management. 

Summer foods to balance your doshas

Bitter foods like

  • Dark chocolate
  • Kale
  • Dandelion

And spices and herbs like,

  • Cumin
  • Turmeric
  • Neem leaves
  • Fennel
  • Coriander
  • Basil
  • Mint

Help in Pitta pacification by 

  • Supporting digestion,
  • Balancing body heat,
  • Balancing appetite,
  • Absorption of excess Pitta,
  • Quenching thirst,
  • Supporting blood circulation,
  • And reducing summer stress.

Foods to Avoid include excessively pungent, sour, or salty foods like

  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Fermented foods
  • Lime juice
  • Spices.

Dietary Recommendations to balance the Doshas

  • Freshwater must be stored in mud or copper vessels and must be consumed frequently throughout the day.
  • A light and a nourishing diet containing fresh fruits and vegetables must be consumed throughout the summers.
  • Milk and ghee help in provident strength to the body.
  • Sattu must be added to cool water along with jaggery as it is cool in potency and helps in pacifying the Dosha and also rejuvenates the body.
  • Herbal and Green tea can help in detoxifying the body and calms the mind. 
  • Fresh fruits like melons, peaches, grapes, berries, etc are rich in water content, therefore must be included in the summer diet.

Lifestyle recommendations to pacify Pitta Dosha

  • Take baths with cool water at least twice a day.
  • Avoid drinking tea or coffee on an empty stomach in the mornings.
  • Spend time around lakes, cool water bodies, etc.
  • Swimming is very beneficial to balancing the Pitta.
  • Try and stay calm and patient by meditating.
  • Take a walk in the cool evening breeze.
  • Drink lots of cool beverages like fresh juices, detox water, etc.
Lifestyle recommendations to pacify Pitta Dosha

Taking care of your body is extremely important, especially during the summers. Following these healthy diets and lifestyle patterns will help you alleviate health disorders and complications and allow you to enjoy the summer season. To get more such tips on lifestyle management, health-related information, and Ayurvedic treatment you can connect with us at or follow us on our social media handles under Aveda Ayur. Until then, Stay Healthy, Cool, and Fit by following these simple health tips.

About Dr. Ranjana Kaushal

Dr. Ranjana Kaushal (MD Ayurveda) has 11 years of experience in the field of Ayurveda. Right now she is working as an Ayurveda consultant with Life Aveda. She has immense knowledge about herbs, their uses, and formulations. She has published articles related to many herbs and diseases in an international journal. She is also a degree holder in yoga and naturopathy. Read More..

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