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Fibromyalgia Ayurvedic Treatment – Safe, Natural, and Effective

Do you often experience widespread body aches along with sleeping issues, fatigue, and cognitive troubles? The condition that brings about these symptoms together is called Fibromyalgia. The symptoms generally accumulate over a period of time due to various triggering factors such as surgery, infection, physical trauma, or stress, and are generally not attributed to any such single event.

The condition is most commonly experienced by women in comparison to men and may bring along other complications. In this article, we will discuss ayurvedic measures by suggesting safe, natural, and effective solutions for the treatment of fibromyalgia.

But before we begin with the discussion of the treatment procedures let us take a look at the symptoms and causes that lead to Fibromyalgia.

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Common signs and symptoms of the condition include:

  • Widespread body pain is experienced for more than three months.
  • Cognitive troubles like difficulty in remembering things, paying attention, and staying focused.
  • Tenderness and fatigue in the muscles.
  • Sleep is troubled and interrupted by pain.
  • A constant state of tiredness and exhaustion.
  • Sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea and restless legs syndrome.

Other conditions that might accompany this health condition include:

Causes of Fibromyalgia

  • Changes in the brain and spinal cord due to repetitive nerve stimulations may cause an increase in the brain chemicals that alert pain.
  • Genetic mutations may also be one of the reasons.
  • Prolonged stress.
  • Emotional or physical trauma like a car accident may also be one of the causes.

It is generally believed that a combination of a few such factors is generally responsible for the contraction of this disease.

Treatment of Fibromyalgia

For the treatment of fibromyalgia, Ayurveda suggests various home remedies, herbal remedies, and natural herbs along with diet and lifestyle changes. These Ayurvedic treatment procedures help in managing the symptoms and the condition.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Fibromyalgia

Food, Nutrition, and Dietary Recommendations

Vata Dosha is chiefly responsible for causing Fibromyalgia. Foods that aggravate the Vata Dosha must be necessarily eliminated from the diet to manage the symptoms.

Foods that are usually easy to digest and help in rebuilding tissue strength must be included in the diet.

A Vata Pacifying Diet Includes:

  • Coconut water
  • Coconut milk
  • Green and leafy vegetables
  • Boiled or steamed veggies that include – squash, pumpkin, tomatoes, zucchini, and sweet potato.
  • Fresh fruit juices made with carrot, beetroot, spinach, ginger, and water.
  • Vegetable soup.
  • Light meals like curd rice, Dahi khichari, and vegetable soups also help.
  • Warm milk with infused cinnamon, clove, ginger, and cardamom.

Foods to Avoid

  • Spicy and oily foods.
  • Fried foods.
  • Astringent foods like cabbage, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes, etc.
  • Black tea or coffee, yogurt, chocolate, or cocoa.

Lifestyle Recommendations

  • Taking quality and restful sleep at night for a minimum of six hours.
  • Reducing screen time throughout the day.
  • Avoid eating heavy meals right before going to the bed.
  • Avoid sleeping during the day.
  • Abstain from alcohol and coffee especially a few hours before sleeping.
  • Indulging in some form of physical activity.
  • Practicing yoga and Pranayama.
  • Managing stress by meeting friends and family, journaling, listening to music gardening, meditating, etc.

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Herbal Remedies for Fibromyalgia

To manage fibromyalgia and its symptoms, Life Aveda has come up with advanced ayurvedic solutions that aid in healing this condition. Herbal remedies that can be used for fibromyalgia are in strict compliance with the Ayurvedic principle of healing and are made combined using the goodness of natural and medicinal herbs.

1) Premium Ortho Aid Capsules:

The advanced herbal formula is created by combining seven natural herbs that include Saunth, Rasna, Guggul, Shallaki, Surenjan Mithian, Kuraseni Ajwain, and Flaxseeds the capsules help in strengthening and rejuvenating the joints, and the skeletal and neuromuscular system. It also supports healthy joints and muscle movements. The capsules also help in removing excess Vata from the joints and muscles thereby reducing inflammation and pain.

2) Artho Aid Oil:

This is an effective Ayurvedic pain relief oil. The medicinal herbs used in the making of the oil help in providing relief from joint and muscle pain and inflammation. The oil is effective in repairing damaged joints and also reduces stiffness and spasm.

3) Ayurvedic Curcumin 95% Capsules:

The capsules are powerful anti-inflammatory anti-oxidant agents. Curcumin is a bioactive substance that helps fight inflammation. It aids in treating joint inflammation and arthritis. The capsules help in liver detoxification and neutralize free radicals and degenerative processes in the brain. It is an excellent blood purifier that yields radiant skin and increases metabolism, and immunity.

4) Premium Brahmi Capsules:

Brahmi is an amazing herb for brain functioning. The pure extract of Brahmi present in Life Aveda’s Brahmi capsules will support you in increasing memory power, and concentration and protect the brain from being diseased. It promotes a healthy nervous system and Calms down stress, anxiety, and mood swings


Ayurveda can be effective in treating a number of your health troubles by using herbal remedies and ingredients that support good health without any side effects. To know more about Ayurvedic treatment procedures that provide relief from fibromyalgia you may connect with us at (+91) 774-300-2519 or

About Dr. Ranjana Kaushal

Dr. Ranjana Kaushal (MD Ayurveda) has 11 years of experience in the field of Ayurveda. Right now she is working as an Ayurveda consultant with Life Aveda. She has immense knowledge about herbs, their uses, and formulations. She has published articles related to many herbs and diseases in an international journal. She is also a degree holder in yoga and naturopathy. Read More..

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