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Best Ayurvedic Skin Care Products Manufacturers in India

Are dust, heat, and pollution taking a toll on your skin? Are you scared to step out in the scorching heat and expose your skin to the sun? Do not worry! One of the best Ayurvedic skin care products manufacturers in India, Aveda Ayur is here to protect and heal your skin this summer. But the good news isn’t over yet, Aveda Ayur can also be your destination to get your own Ayurvedic and herbal skin care products manufactured. So read on to get more information and get your hands on the best Ayurvedic Skin Care Products.

Aveda Ayur is an Ayurvedic products manufacturing company that believes in creating authentic Ayurvedic products to heal and boost your health. The ingredients used during the production of these Ayurvedic products are absolutely genuine, natural, and free from any artificial substances to provide your body and skin with the nourishment it requires.

Why is Aveda Ayur one of the Best Ayurvedic Skin Care Products Manufacturers?

Products manufactured by Aveda Ayur are considered to be the best in the Ayurveda Industry because of the authenticity and purity of the herbs and natural ingredients that are used in the making of these supplements and products. A few other USPs of Aveda Ayur products are:

  1. Only standardized herbal extracts are used in the manufacturing of Ayurvedic supplements and formulations of Aveda Ayur.
  2. All the products are completely vegetarian including the capsule shells which are also gelatin-free.
  3. All the products of Aveda Ayur are a hundred percent free from any added chemicals, preservatives, additives, flavorings, blends, or synthetic substances.
  4. A series of clinical tests and trials are run during the production process of the herbal supplements to ensure their quality.
  5. All the Ayurvedic supplements are formulated by a Team of expert MD Ayurveda Doctors.
  6. All products are free from any kinds of side effects and help in boosting overall wellbeing.
  7. All the products manufactured by Aveda Ayur are certified with:-
    • GMP – Ayush Department of India,
    • ISO,
    • HACCP,
    • FSSAI,
    • KOSHER,
    • HALAL.
    • USFDA

Aveda Ayur has its own brand for quality ayurvedic products and medicine by the name of Life Aveda. So, we are also one of the best Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers in India.

Skin Care Formulations by Life Aveda

Premium Skin Vitals

1. Premium Skin Vitals


Made with a powerful blend of seven natural herbs. Each 500 gm capsule contains Std. Ext. of –

  • Neem
  • Manjistha
  • Tulsi
  • Giloy
  • Rosemary
  • Red Sandalwood
  • Haldi.


  • This natural supplement helps in the rejuvenation and nourishment of the skin.
  • These herbs help in treating different skin infections, allergies, infections, and irritation.
  • Premium Skin Vital Capsules help in detoxifying the skin from impurities.
  • Helps in improving skin texture.
  • Purifies blood.
  • Promotes natural glow and healthy skin.


1-2 capsules every day after meals, with normal water or as per the doctor’s prescription.

Premium Aloe Vera

2. Premium Aloe Vera


Each 500 gm capsule contains Std. Ext. of Aloe Vera leaf ext. (Aloe Barbadensis Miller)


  • Slows down the aging process.
  • Revitalizes the skin.
  • Helps in blood purification.
  • Helps in clearing blocked pores.
  • Heals wounds and marks.
  • Helps in managing wrinkles, pimples, acne, pigmentation, scars, and various other issues that trouble the skin.
  • Detoxifies blood.
  • Vitalizes body cells and tissues.
  • Helps in controlling cholesterol.
  • Aids digestion.
  • Boosts overall immunity and liver function.


1-2 capsules every day after meals, with normal water or as per the doctor’s prescription.

Premium Manjistha

3. Premium Manjistha


Each 500mg capsule contains Std. Ext. of Manjistha (Rubia cordifolia) whole plant ext.


  • Natural Blood Purifying herb.
  • Helps in treating allergies and skin infections.
  • Rich in antioxidants.
  • A natural muscle relaxant.
  • Helps in relieving muscle pains and swelling.
  • Helps in healing bruises.
  • Boosts mood.
  • Helps in managing stress, anxiety, and depression.


1-2 capsules every day after meals, with normal water or as per the doctor’s prescription.


Aveda Ayur provides you the option to sell the above-mentioned products under your own brand name or to have your own Ayurvedic skin care products manufactured at our Aveda Ayur manufacturing unit. This will save you the expense of setting up a production unit and also guarantee you the quality of your products as only natural and herbal ingredients are used for production at Aveda Ayur.

To know more about our Ayurvedic products, supplements, or manufacturing-related processes you can log on to our website and go through a list of our products on our online store. For any more queries, you may also contact us at (+91) 774-300-2519.

About Raman Jattana

Raman Jattana is the founder of Aveda Ayur Company and the Life Aveda brand. She is a true devotee of nature and strongly believes that nature has the power to heal and cure everything. She stepped forward to create an Ayurvedic company and Herbal Brand in order to spread the goodness of Ayurveda globally.

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