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Herbal Third Party Manufacturing – Create Your Own Herbal Products

Here to search for third-party manufacturing companies but want to use your own specifications and the recipe for the production of the herbal products? What you’re looking for is contract manufacturing of herbal products for your Ayurvedic business! Contract manufacturing enables Ayurvedic brands and companies to get the Ayurvedic and Herbal products tailor-made from third-party manufacturing companies, and then sell them in the market under their own brand name. Doesn’t it sound absolutely amazing!

Outsourcing Herbal products under your brand specifications without having to incur any production charges and then selling them in the market under your own brand name.

This blog post will help you familiarize yourself with the concept of Herbal Third Party Manufacturing – Create Your Own Herbal Products which is Contract Manufacturing, and then introduce you to the Best Herbal Manufacturer in India, who also provides Contract Manufacturing.

Understanding Third-Party Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing allows Ayurvedic brands and companies to get bespoke herbal products from third-party herbal medicine manufacturers under mutually agreed terms and conditions. It benefits Ayurvedic brands in numerous ways which include:

  • Greater Product Distinction.
  • Higher Competitive Advantage.
  • Allows the brand to actively participate in decisions making hence greater control over the final outcome.
  • Unique and creative products.
  • Brand-specific products.

On that account, Contract manufacturing is one of the most suitable options to create your own herbal products that speak for your brand!

How to Find the Best Herbal Contract Manufacturer in India?

Having understood the advantages of contract manufacturing over other third-party manufacturing options, you would definitely want to go for a company that provides this facility. But with the numerous options in the market, it is not easy to narrow down your search. For this reason, we will highlight a few key features that will help you select only the best option for your Ayurvedic business.

1. Certification:

Certification is one of the most important aspects in determining the reliability of a manufacturing company. Certifications verify the quality of the products and the processes followed in the making of these herbal products. A certified manufacturing company guarantees the authenticity and reliance of herbal products. Few certifications that are essentially required by any trusted third-party manufacturing company include:

  • USFDA – The Food and Drug Administration is a federal agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services. All the products certified with a USFDA Certificate are safe for use.
  • KOSHER – It is a mandatory Certificate to avoid cross-contamination of certain foods such as milk, meat, fish, edible oils, etc., and is required for all the food products to be exported to the USA, Israel, and Europe.
  • HALAL – HALAL Certificate is a document of guarantee for products and services that meet the requirements of Islamic Law and are suitable for consumption in Muslim Majority Countries and western Countries where Islam is followed by a significant population.
  • FSSAI – The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is a legal authority that provides food licenses to all Food Business Operators (FBO) in India.
  • GMP- Ayush Department of India – An AYUSH License or Certification allows business enterprises to carry our Ayurvedic, / Unani / Siddha practices or products in India.
  • ISO – This certificate implies that the business organization maintains, develops, and continuously improves its business processes.
  • HAACP – Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Certificate defines International Standards that are required for effective control of food safety precautions.
  • WHO GMP – WHO CMP certificate ensures that the products are consistently produced and controlled to the quality standards and diminishes the risk which is involved in any pharmaceutical production due to cross-contamination or false labeling.

2. Quality:

The quality of the products determines the success of the brand. Choosing the right quality of ingredients, following safety measures and precautions, abiding by all the standard procedures, and strict supervision of the manufacturing process are the prerequisites to manufacturing high-quality products. Therefore, it is essential to choose a company that doesn’t compromise its quality of production and standard of manufacturing. 

3. Manufacturing Capacity:

A competent contract manufacturing company must be capable to manufacture products in both small and large capacities. This benefits the retailers by allowing them the convenience of scalability at any given point and time without much effort or cost.

4. Experience:

An experienced contract manufacturing company can meet deadlines and deliver consistent results under any circumstances. Recognizing the problems at the right time, taking necessary precautions, changing with market trends, meeting challenges like delayed or unexpected costs, etc. are a few such hurdles that experienced contract manufacturers are experts at, allowing them to deliver accurate and effective results.

5. Service:

Contract Manufacturing must provide complete service to provide convenient and cost-effective solutions. The process of manufacturing involves a lot of steps which include R&D, sourcing of materials, production process, assembling, packaging, branding, logo developments, and dispatching. A good manufacturing company must fundamentally provide all of these services under one roof.

6. Flexibility:

A contract manufacturing company must be flexible during the framing of the terms and conditions before the signing of the contract in terms of pricing, timelines, and quantity. A flexible company will be able to function better and provide the required results more efficiently.


All the factors stated above will narrow down your search to the best Herbal manufacturer in India which will lead you to Aveda Ayur. Aveda Ayur is an herbal wellness company that aims to provide natural and ayurvedic solutions using premium quality natural ingredients. It is one of the most trusted and flexible companies when it comes to contract manufacturing of herbal products. You can know more about the facilities provided by the company by getting in touch with us at (+91) 774-300-2519, and

About Raman Jattana

Raman Jattana is the founder of Aveda Ayur Company and the Life Aveda brand. She is a true devotee of nature and strongly believes that nature has the power to heal and cure everything. She stepped forward to create an Ayurvedic company and Herbal Brand in order to spread the goodness of Ayurveda globally.

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