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Best Ayurvedic Products White Labelling Company in India

Are you looking for white labelling for your Ayurvedic Products and don’t know where to start? Do not worry! You’ve landed on the perfect page that will provide you with all the necessary leads, to begin with your Ayurvedic Products retailing and marketing business.

Increasing competition, changing market trends, and transforming marketing patterns increase the overall costs of products. So it is only wise to look for a third-party white labeling ayurvedic product manufacturing company to avoid the manufacturing expenses and focus on the marketing costs to establish your brand name. In this article, we’ll help you discover the best Ayurvedic products white labelling company in India, to introduce your brand in the Ayurvedic sector.

Now you’re probably wondering what does white labeling in Ayurveda mean?

Read on to understand the concept.

What does White Labelling of Ayurvedic Products Mean?

White Labeling of Ayurvedic Products allows the retailers to sell and market such products under their own brand that are manufactured by a third-party Ayurvedic products manufacturing company. The manufacturer uses the brand name or logo of the retailer or the purchaser instead of their own and delivers it to them post-production.

White Labelling of Ayurvedic Products saves on the cost for the retailers as he doesn’t have to spend on the production of the products and can focus on marketing their brand. Let us now introduce you to an Ayurvedic company that provides white labeling of Ayurvedic products in India, and is the best in the country.

Aveda Ayur – The Best White Labelling Company in India

Aveda Ayur is a certified Ayurvedic and Wellness Company that offers white labelling of ayurvedic products for retailers and brands. Retailers and brands can sell the products in the market as their own products. The company manufactures authentic Ayurvedic products to heal people naturally.

Aveda Ayur is a well-known and renowned name in the Ayurvedic Industry and is recognized for the authenticity of its natural products. The motto of the company is to manufacture a hundred percent genuine products that are only made using the most natural and high-quality ingredients and spread the goodness of Ayurveda to treat people. By offering White Labelling opportunities, the company has taken another step in its endeavor to spread Ayurvedic and holistic healing around the world.

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Why Aveda Ayur?

This is an important question to answer! What is it that makes Aveda Ayur the best white labeling company in Ayurveda and why must you choose Aveda Ayur over other options for third-party manufacturing and white labelling for your ayurvedic products?

The following key features and factors about Aveda Ayur will help you understand the difference between this herbal company and other white-labeling companies.

  • A team of highly experienced and professional Ayurvedic MD doctors designs the formulations and supervises the entire manufacturing process.
  • The manufacturing unit of Aveda Ayur is located in Mohali, Punjab, and is equipped with fully automated machinery and high-quality equipment to efficiently carry out bulk production with zero error possibility.
  • Only standardized herbal extracts are used for the manufacturing of Ayurvedic products and all the products are completely vegetarian.
  • The products are completely natural and herbal. No artificial additives, preservatives, or flavorings are added to the products during manufacturing.
  • The appropriate quantity of the exact amount of ingredients is always mentioned on the product label.
  • All the products manufactured at Aveda Ayur are certified with USFDA, ISO, HACCP, KOSHER, HALAL, FSSAI, and GMP- Ayush Department of India.
  • Clinical tests and trials are performed throughout the production process to ensure the accuracy and efficacy of every product.
  • A team of highly efficient staff manages the production and packaging procedures.
  • The herbal remedies are made available in the form of syrups, capsules, tablets, and oils to promote natural well-being and health.
  • The making of these Ayurvedic Products and Medicines by Aveda Ayur is backed by the ancient texts of Sushrut Samhita, Ashtang Hridyam, Charak Samhita, and botanical texts like Bhav Prakash nighantu.
  • Aveda Ayur also provides a logo designing facility at absolutely reasonable rates for you to introduce a creative logo for your brand.
  • No animal cruelty is performed during the production process.
  • All ayurvedic products also focus on boosting mental and digestive health by improving digestion and reducing stress, apart from aiding in treating the specific illness or disease.

Products Available for White Labelling by Aveda Ayur

  1. Herbal Extract Capsules – 100% Extract Based Vegetarian Capsules
  2. Herbal Syrups – 100% Extract Base Ayurvedic Syrups
  3. Herbal Oils – 100% Medicated Oils
  4. Classical Ayurvedic Medicines – Wild Range of Classical Medicines
  5. Herbal Blends – Variety of Different Herbal Blends


Aveda Ayur can be your best choice to partner with to start your journey in spreading Ayurvedic goodness. The products are cost and treatment-effective, natural, and a hundred percent pure. Opt for Aveda Ayur products to establish your brand name by providing only the best herbal remedies in the form of Ayurvedic solutions manufactured by the best Ayurvedic products white labelling company. To get in touch with us, you can connect at (+91) 774-300-2519 or to know more.

About Raman Jattana

Raman Jattana is the founder of Aveda Ayur Company and the Life Aveda brand. She is a true devotee of nature and strongly believes that nature has the power to heal and cure everything. She stepped forward to create an Ayurvedic company and Herbal Brand in order to spread the goodness of Ayurveda globally.

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