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Why Aveda Ayur?

Why to choose Life Aveda amid the thousands of Ayurvedic companies? Here are Our specifications that make us unique in millions.

Life Aveda is a pure and a clean brand. We are the only Company which has gone beyond the traditional Ayurvedic Formulations. Henceforth, we have combined the best herbs of both the worlds, Indian ancient herbs with western herbs. Therefore, our product formulas are very advanced and result oriented with thorough research.


  • We are the most advance and innovative with our herbal product Formulations
  • We have introduced first time ever the combination of western herbs with Indian herbs
  • Our product formulations are done by the experienced Ayurvedic doctors with intense research & studies.
  • All our products are prepared with the highest quality herbal extracts
  • An appropriate quantity of extracts is used as mentioned on the product label to maintain the highest potency
  • Our products are 100% natural
  • All our products are free from artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, heavy metals, fillers, binders, toxins, sweeteners, or any other synthetic ingredients
  • Capsule shells are totally vegetarian (Gelatin-free)
  • No animal cruelty is done during the manufacturing process
  • Efficacy of the products have been already tested and proved in clinical Trials.
  • We provide 24*7 online consultations with expert Ayurvedic doctor


All our products are totally safe for consumption by any person and they are certified with


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