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Understanding “The Gut Feeling” and the connection between the two!

Tips for a healthy and happy gut

  • A hearty glass of juice helps in boosting immunity and mood.
  • Nuts and seeds add to the strength, cognitive functioning, and long-term well-being.
  • Green leafy vegetables boost memory, clarity, and brainpower.
  • Increase water intake to calm and relax the mind and gut.
  • Dark chocolate releases endorphins which are happy hormones.
  • Foods rich in probiotics like yogurt and kimchi release stronger emotional responses.
  • A high fiber diet to destress the mind and mood.

We often hear people saying that they have a strong  “gut feeling” about a certain thing! Ever wondered what that actually means? Our gut, the gastrointestinal tract that is, greatly and directly influences our everyday moods, emotions, feelings, and even thoughts.

The chain of neurons that lines the digestive system and connects it directly to the neurons of the brain are responsible for the immune system and mental functioning. For this reason, the gut is often rightly called the second brain of the human body as it contains more neurons than the spinal cord and more than 90% of the serotonin. Though the gut mostly takes care of digestion, it also influences everyday mood and emotions. It is the same reason that one often feels butterflies in the stomach when happy or anxious.

Food and feelings

Now that we understand the connection between the gut and our emotional feelings and mental thoughts, it is easy to conclude that what we eat directly impacts the way we feel! The nutritive composition and the properties of various foods affect our health, mind, and mood once it enters the system. 

It can be easily understood with the example of dark chocolate or coffee. Dark chocolate instantly lightens up the mood and the caffeine in coffee helps in fighting lethargy and exhaustion. 

Now try to remember what you eat throughout the day and imagine how it impacts your gut and overall health. Eating healthy and right is directly related to how you feel, because “the gut feeling” is actually what determines how you feel! 

How foods impact our health and mood?

Let us take a look at how foods impact our health and mood!

  • A glass of fresh juice helps in boosting glucose and immunity.
  • Nuts and seeds contribute to long-term well-being and delay cognitive damage.
  • Green leafy vegetables help in releasing instant energy, brainpower, and memory.
  • Water instantly helps in calming the mind and releases a feeling of contentment.
  • Dark chocolate helps release endorphins and serotonin, leading to a happy and cheerful mood.
  • Yogurt and kimchi are loaded with probiotics and good bacteria that give people a stronger and more positive emotional response.
  • A high-fiber diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables also helps in destressing the mind and mood.
  • Sweet potatoes, eggs, chickpeas, and garlic help in uplifting mood and release instant energy.

On the other hand, eating foods that make one feel lazy, lethargic, and drained out are mostly the ones that are packaged or belong to the fast-food category. These foods are prepared using artificial flavorings and additives that enhance the taste but negatively impact the gut and ultimately the mood. This is one reason that explains why we feel more drained out and slow after consuming junk meals that are made using artificial and non-natural compounds and preservatives that slow down the body and mind. 

Here’s a list of foods that must necessarily be avoided if you’re trying to achieve a healthy gut and a balance between your mind and body.

  • Canned and packaged foods like noodles, cookies, wafers, juices, etc.
  • Red meats make one feel bloated and stuffed, which is why they must be avoided.
  • Artificial sweeteners like canned juices, sauces, sweets, candies, etc.
  • Alcohol.
  • Processed foods.
  • Foods that are made using refined oils or flours.

Do’s and Don’ts to enjoy A Happy “Gut Feeling”

  • Start your day by drinking a lot of water as it will help you to detoxify your gut first thing in the morning, making you feel lighter and brighter.
  • Try to reduce sugar intake during breakfast to enjoy a happier and more active day.
  • Eat natural and unprocessed foods and include whole grains and legumes in your diet.
  • Include fresh seasonal produce that is colorful and nutritive to your diet.
  • Prefer eating freshly cooked meals that have the minimal seasoning to enjoy the distinctive flavors of all the ingredients.
  • Get active and exercise daily to sweat and release endorphins that keep you happy and energetic.
  • Your mind and gut are directly related to your emotions. Practice meditation daily to calm your mind, boost your gut health, and improve your mood.

Your Gut Feeling is nothing but what you eat and the impact that it has on your gut health and stomach. So be extra careful when you take that extra slice of cake or a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. What you consume will highly determine your mood for the entire day. So eat healthy, keep moving, and stay hydrated to enjoy a happy and positive mind, gut, and health!

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