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7- Day GERD Diet plan: Foods to eat and avoid

GERD is a lifestyle disorder that is commonly found in the younger generation due to their irregular sleeping and eating habits. With Gerd Diet plan, one could easily get rid from it. Dietary and lifestyle changes, as well as pharmacological therapy and, in severe situations, surgery, are all used to manage GERD. Not only what is eaten, but also how and when it is consumed, is part of the treatment.


Acidity is called Amla Pitta in Ayurveda. We can deduce from its name that this disease results due to an imbalance of Pitta Dosha. The components of Fire and Water influence the humour that further controls different enzymes and digestive fire.

Stress, rage, hot and spicy foods, and an exceptionally heated atmosphere can all stimulate the Pitta dosha, resulting in an episode of acidity. If anyone has symptoms more than two times per week, then that person has acid reflux disease, commonly called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

Ayurveda Overview : Gerd (Acidity Reflux)

Amlapitta (Amla denotes sour, Pitta denotes heat) commonly known as hyperacidity is associated with malfunctioning of the gastrointestinal system and is extensively explained in all ayurvedic literature.

In hyperacidity, one’s body sourness and heat levels rise extensively. The digestive fire is harmed by inflamed Pitta, resulting in incorrect food digestion and ama generation (toxins). Hyperacidity has often been linked with the aggregation of ama in digestive tracts.

The Kapha dosha is generally located in the stomach and chest, while Pitta is frequently associated with acid indigestion and is located in the stomach alone. Since Kapha controls different digestive fluids and produces mucus, indigestion is caused by sluggish metabolism and. mucus congestion are often associated with acid reflux.

Ayurvedic medications focus on calming the exacerbated Pitta Dosha thereby reducing acidity. To eliminate toxins and clean various body channels certain herbs are also recommended in Ayurveda. This increases the digestive heat, resulting in better digestion.

The main cause is thought to be an increase in Pitta Dosha in the body. Pitta is an Ayurvedic humor that means “fire” or “hot”. Consuming foods that contradict the constitution or foods that are opposite to each other such as milk and fish, milk and salt are strictly not recommended in Ayurveda.

Further extremely spicy/ sour foods, foods containing white sugar/ white flour and spicy liquids, drinking tea/coffee or alcohol in excessive amount and smoking are also not recommended. Overeating, eating when one is already constipated, avoiding urination and stool for a long time, irregular sleeping pattern such as sleeping immediately after eating food and not sleeping in the normal sleeping hours are some of the reasons that increase Pitta.

7- Day GERD Dietary recommendations

Avoid fried foods, high-fat baked goods, ice cream, and high-fat foods to control your GERD. High-fat foods include cheese pizzas, sausages, potato chips, and other high-fat foods. By delaying stomach emptying and lowering LES pressure, fatty foods have been shown to increase esophageal exposure.

Diet Chart: (Avoid the use of onions and tomato)

Monday: GERD Diet Plan

Breakfast (7 AM) –  Vegetable Upma with oats 1 cup+ 1/2 cup low fat milk.

(Calories- 132; protein 13g+ carb 36gm+fat 4g)

Mid-snack (11:00a.m)-  curd (low fat) 1 cup +pomegranate seeds (20-30)

(Calories- 132; protein 13g+ carb 36gm+fat 4g)

Lunch (1-2PM)-1/2 cup rice + 2 chappati+1/2 cup Kidney beans sabji+sweet lassi

(Calories- 132; protein 13g+ carb 36gm+fat 4g)

Evening (4-5PM)-1/2 cup boiled channa.

(Calories- 134; protein 15g+ carb 45gm+fat 4g)

Dinner (7:00-8:00PM)- 2 Roti (Ragi)+ 1/2 cup moong daal

(Calories- 375; protein 18g+ carb 60gm+fat 8g)

Tuesday:GERD Diet Plan

Breakfast (7AM)-       1 cup vegetable Dahlia+ ½ cup less sugar tea

Calories- 119; protein 5g+ carb 24gm+fat 0g

Mid-Meal (11A.M)-   1/2 plate Fruit Salad

Calories- 97; protein 1g+ carb 24gm+fat 0g

Lunch (1:00-2:00PM) – Chappati (jwar+wheat) 3 + half cup Potato green peas curry. +1/2 plate cucumber salad

(Calories- 375; protein 18g+ carb 60gm+fat 8g )

Evening (4:00-5:00PM) – 1 Cup Roasted chana

(Calories- 365; protein 23g+ carb 57gm+fat 5g)

Dinner (8:00-8:30PM) – vegetable jow dalia 1 cup+ half cup green beans.

 (Calories- 94; protein 5g+ carb 30gm+fat 1g)

Wednesday:GERD Diet Plan

Breakfast (7AM)-       2 pieces brown bread with low fat cheese+1Boiled egg+ half cup low fat milk

(Calories- 333; protein 24 gm+ carb 35 gm+fat 10 g)

Mid-Meal (11a.m)-    1 apple / 1 banana

Calories- 95; protein 0 gm+ carb 25 gm+fat 10 g

Lunch (2:00PM)-        1 cup chawal (rice) + 1/2 cup soya bean sabji + half cup bindi+ low fat curd

Calories- 512 protein 34 gm+ carb 65 gm+fat 14 g

Evening (4-5 PM)-      1 cup herbal tea with honey

Calories- 2; protein 0 gm+ carb 18 gm+fat 0 g

Dinner (8PM)- 2(Ragi) chapati+ half cup Ridge gourd curry.

Calories- 105; protein 4 gm+ carb 19 gm+fat 2 g

Thursday: GERD Diet Plan

Breakfast (7AM) – one cup of oatmeal +half cup  sweet lassi

Calories- 296; protein 13 gm+ carb 50 gm+fat 6 g

Mid-Meal (11AM) – half plate fruit salad

Calories- 97; protein 1 gm+ carb 24 gm+fat 0 g

Lunch (2PM)- 1 cup green moongdal + half cup steamed vegetables+ half cup steamed rice  

Calories- 845; protein 51 gm+ carb 155 gm+fat 2 g

Evening (4-5PM) –   1 glass coconut water /lime water

Calories- 0; protein 0 gm+ carb 0 gm+fat 0 g

Dinner (8 PM)- half cup brown rice with mixed herbs + 2 chappati

Calories- 428; protein 11 gm+ carb 82 gm+fat 5 g

Friday: GERD Diet chart

Breakfast (7AM) –      cinnamon toast flavoured cereal 1 cup +1/2 cup tea

Calories- 242; protein 3 gm+ carb 46 gm+fat 6 g

Mid-Meal (11:00AM) – 1 bowl roasted foxnuts

Calories- 484; protein 7 gm+ carb 68 gm+fat 21 g

Lunch (1:00-2:00PM)-1 cup vegetable soup + half cup steamed rice+ 1  roti

Calories- 405; protein 9 gm+ carb 72 gm+fat 8 g

Evening (4:00-5:00PM)-2 cup sweet lassi

Calories- 260; protein 14 gm+ carb 43 gm+fat 4 g

Dinner (7:00-8:00PM)-       1 cup brown rice with  1 cup moong mix masoor dal

Calories- 478; protein 25 gm+ carb 86 gm+fat 4 g

Saturday : GERD Diet chart

(Avoid the use of onions and tomatoes throughout the day)

Breakfast (7AM) –      1 cup oatmeal with banana

Calories- 385; protein 9 gm+ carb 58 gm+fat 15 g

Mid-Meal (11:00-11:30AM) –1 glass sweet butter milk

Calories- 69; protein 4 gm+ carb 5 gm+fat 4 g

Lunch (1:00-2:00PM)-  1 cup baked beans + 1 cup brown rice

Calories- 457; protein 17 gm+ carb 100 gm+fat 3 g

Evening (4:00-5:00PM)- 2 whole grain biscuit+ ½ cup low fat milk tea

Calories- 314; protein 12 gm+ carb 39 gm+fat 12 g

Dinner (7:00-8:00PM)- 2 Roti / chappati.+(Palak +moongdal )1/2 cup

Calories- 358; protein 13 gm+ carb 51 gm+fat 12 gm

Sunday : GERD diet Plan

(Avoid the use of onions and tomato throughout the day):

Breakfast (7AM)-       I bowl of fresh fruits (Seasonal)

Calories- 97; protein 1 g+ carb 24gm+fat 0g

Mid-Meal (11A.M)-   1 glass vegetable juice/ soup

Calories- 159; protein 6 g+ carb 26 gm+fat 4g

Lunch (1:00-2:00PM) – brown rice 1 bowl+ 2 daal (green moong)

Calories- 451; protein 14g+ carb 87gm+fat 6g

Evening (4:00-5:00PM) – 1 bowl roasted fox nuts

Calories- 77; protein 1g+ carb 13gm+fat 2g

Dinner (8:00-8:30PM) – 1 cup chaana daal + 1 cup rice + 1 bowl salad

Calories- 605; protein-21g; carb-93g; fat 17g

Food to eat and avoid in GERD

Grains to eat Grains to avoid
Brown bread & rice, oats, whole grains and all cereals No grains are recommended to be avoided in acidity.
Vegetables to eat and avoid in Gerd Problem
To EatTo Avoid
Cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, green beans, pumpkin, bottle, ash and ridge gourdOnions, capsicum, arbi, Jack Fruit
Fruits to eat and avoid in GERD
To EatTo Avoid
Mango, guava, pear, watermelon, muskmelon, bananaAll sour fruits, lemon, oranges
Lentils to eat and avoid in Gerd
To EatTo Avoid
Yellow, green, pink lentils and soya beansChickpeas and kidney beans
Non-veg to eat and avoid in Gerd
To EatTo Avoid
Boiled egg white and normal egg whiteFried Meat, Red Meat, Pork,
Spices to eat and avoid  in Gerd
To EatTo Avoid
Sauf, azwain, methi, jeera, dhaniya and pudinaRed, kalli and green chilli, and laung.
Beverages to take and avoid in Gerd
To EatTo Avoid
Herbal tea, amla powder after every meal, a combination of amla, fennel, and licoriceNormal tea, carbonated drinks, alcohol, smoking, extreme spicy foods

Lifestyle Changes

The following are some suggested lifestyle changes:

  • Maintain an a straight body posture throughout meals and for the next 45 to 60 minutes after eating (it prevents backflow of undigested food)
  • Obtain and keep a healthy body weight (added weight increases intragastric pressure)
  • Sleeping in an abrupt posture such as head is not at the level of the body either it is below or too high.
  • Quit smoking (smoking relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter).
  • One should refrain from eating anything at least 2-3 hours prior to before sleeping.
  • Refrain wearing a cloth that is extremely tight at the waist.

Doctors tips:

  • One should avoid drinking carbonated drinks.
  • One should try to eat healthy foods and chew them well before swallowing.
  • One should quit smoking and drinking.
  • One should also a good amount of water on a daily basis.


Ayurveda can help mitigate the effects of acidity by working on increasing the digestive fire and reducing toxins from the body. Hence one should consult a qualified ayurvedic doctor before taking any ayurvedic medicine or treatment.

NOTE – These dietary guidelines may vary from patient to patient according to their medical parameters. These are generalized guidelines that might be helpful for GERD Patients.

Find a Diet Consultation Online: Get Personalized Consultation

At Life Aveda, we provide personalized diet consultation. In this, a doctor discusses the medical history of patients, does the root analysis on causes. After the deep analysis, the doctor suggests a diet chart for constipation as per their needs and requirement. To book a Consultation call on us at +91 7743002520 or click on the button to schedule an appointment with our expert doctors.

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