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Jaiphal Ayurvedic Properties Medicinal Uses and dosage

Jaiphal General Info

Jatiphala , Jaiphal or Nutmeg is a small brown-colored oval-shaped aromatic fruit. The tree of Jaiphal is an evergreen one, with small yellow-colored flowers. It is rich in oils, proteins, minerals, and resins. On ripening completely, the mace outgrows the Jaiphal and it is called Javitri. Jaiphal has a sweet aroma and is a favorite in the Indian and Persian Kitchens. Adding a little nutmeg powder to the food makes it very nutritious. Not only the rich taste and unique flavor of this spice that makes it a must-have ingredient in all varieties of dishes but also has therapeutic potential. Its healing properties include – it is a good appetizer, boosts immunity, improves digestion! It has astringent properties.

Jaiphal Classification

  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Class: Magnoliopsida
  • Order: Magnoliales
  • Family: Myristicaceae
  • Genus: Myristica
  • Species: Fragrans


Jaiphal or Nutmeg and the mace or Javitri, are native to Indonesia. However, it is cultivated in India, Sri Lanka, and all the South East Asian countries. In India, many varieties of Jaiphal are found along with the southern states.

Jaiphal Ayurvedic Properties

Jaiphal has many beneficial properties. Jaiphal has a tikhta and katu rasa . Jaiphall is bitter and pungent in taste. Jaiphal is a light and strong fruit. So it has a laghu and teekshna guna. Jaiphal has ushna virya or a hot potency. It has a Katu or pungent vipaka, post digestion. It acts like trutahara – to relieve thirst, and vaktra kledahara – aiding excess secretions in the mouth. It helps to fight bad breath. It is said to have properties to treat sore throat as artijit. Being prameha, regulates diabetes. It is vrushya – potent aphrodisiac, hridaya -optimizes cardiac health, shwasahara – promotes respiratory health and treats COPD and asthma, and vishahara – cleanses the system).

Effects on doshas

Jaiphal helps to balance the Vata and Kapha Doshas. It helps to treat anorexia with healthy weight management. It promotes the digestive fire and facilitates good digestion. It pacifies the vata dosha by keeping the throat, nose, and respiratory system healthy. It helps to keep the pitta dosh healthy by promoting metabolism and good digestion.

Jaiphal Medicinal Uses

It beats insomnia

  • Nutmeg facilitates the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter, which induces sleep.
  • It contains myristicin which helps to reduce the secretion of enzymes induced by stress.

Potent Anti-inflammatory Effects

  • The potent anti-inflammatory components like monoterpenes, sabinene, terpineol, and pinene reduce swelling and soreness.
  • Jaiphal powder contains essential volatile oils like myristicin, elemicin, eugenol, and safrole which have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that provide relief from pain, swelling of muscles and joints.

Promotes Healthy Brain:

  • The properties of Jaiphal stimulate the nerves in the brain and have been used since ages by many civilizations.

Depression and anxiety

  • Nutmeg with its adaptogen nature works both as a stimulant and a sedative.

Improves Digestion:

    • The distinct flavor and aroma of Jaiphal powder hold incredible medicinal properties and are effective in aiding digestive woes like indigestion, constipation, flatulence, and ulcers.
    • The exceptional fragrance of mace and Jaiphal powder relieves abdominal cramps, pain associated with gas and also treats diarrhea and nausea.

Promotes Dental Health

      • It removes toxins from the liver and kidneys and cleanse the system and improves digestion.
      • The powerful antibacterial properties in Jaiphal are effective against harmful bacteria that cause dental diseases.
      • The essential eugenol oil provides relief from toothache.

It keeps the skin healthy, radiant, and glowing

      • The impressive antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory properties, and cleansing properties of Jaiphal helps to fight off blackheads, treats acne, and unclog the pores.
      • The compound macelignan in Jaiphal powder slows down aging.
      • The oils in Jaiphal have skin rejuvenating properties.
      • Nutmeg acts as a natural aphrodisiac with the hormone serotonin, which is primarily responsible for increased libido and a relaxed body.
      • It boosts immunity and plays a key role in maintaining good health by enhancing immune function.
      • The presence of various minerals and vitamins in this spice is responsible for the potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action, which in turn improves your overall health.
      • Induces a good menstrual flow.
      • Stimulates healthy blood circulation.
      • Provides relief from the pain of joints and muscles.


      • Jaiphal Powder – 500mg to 1gm
      • Javitri – 250mg to 1 gm


Jaiphal powder is generally safe when consumed in a lower quantity Pregnant ladies should consult their doctors before consuming jaiphal. However, if consumed in high amounts may have adverse effects like:

    • Loss of muscle coordination.
    • Hallucination.
    • Triggers allergies and asthma.
    • Heaviness in chest.

Note: Our purpose is to serve useful information related to Jaiphal’s benefits, dosage, and other properties. It is advised to the patients not to consume Jaiphal on the basis of this information. Before taking Jaiphal as a medicine it is better to have an expert opinion because dosage and treatment vary from patient to patient depending on their symptoms and medical history.

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