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Home Remedies and Tips that Ensure Speedy Recovery from Dengue Fever

Dengue is a very common and fatal disease affecting almost every part of the world. The dengue virus cannot be transmitted from one infected person to another and requires a specific kind of mosquito to transmit it from one person to another. Dengue which is also known as break-bone fever is a mosquito-borne disease affecting thousands of people every year. The dengue is caused by four different viruses and spread by Aedes mosquitoes that can lead to severe flu-like illness.

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every year about 400 million dengue cases are reported throughout the world with about 96 million cases leading to illness.

In addition to fever, the symptoms include headache, muscle pain, skin rashes, and exhaustion. The disease is very high in tropical and subtropical regions like the Indian subcontinent, southern Asia, Southern China, etc. The symptom of dengue is quite similar to the symptom of typhoid fever due to which early diagnosis of dengue gets delayed and if it goes undiagnosed, the disease can become fatal.

In India, the increasing fatalities due to dengue fever have become a burning issue and a matter of serious concern.  Tackling dengue fever is not as difficult as the disease is, as there are many ways to manage dengue fever and the best and easy way to beat the dengue fever is to boost immunity, customized diet along with few medicines dully recommended by the doctor. A proper diet plan will help a patient in fast recovery suffering from dengue fever. Those having dengue fever need to consume sufficient nutrients and a healthy diet plan to minimize the dengue effects.

To ensure speedy recovery from dengue fever, follow Aveda Ayur`s tips dully recommended by the eminent doctors

Dengue Prevention Tips

  • Always take easily digestible food like boiled food, vegetables, banana, apple soups, porridge, and herbal tea.
  • Take enough fluids like fresh juices, coconut water, Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) to prevent dehydration and restore your electrolyte level.
  • Take food rich in Vitamin C as a natural remedy for dengue fever because it promotes antibodies for faster healing and recovery.
  • Add foods in your diet that are rich in platelet and blood counts.
  • Avoid spicy food, processed food, saturated fat foods, sugary and aerated drinks, and raw vegetables.

Home remedies for Dengue fever

  • Papaya Leaves:- Researchers suggest that Papaya elevates the degraded platelet count among dengue patients. Crush some papaya leaves and drink the extracted juice twice a day to fight with dengue blues.
  • Herbal Tea:- Herbal teas with cardamom, peppermint, and ginger flavors help in reducing the symptoms of dengue fever.
  • Coconut water:- Coconut water is a natural and rich source of water with essential minerals and electrolytes and is regarded as one of the best foods for dengue patients.
  • Vegetable Juices:- Vegetable juices like carrot juice, cucumber, etc help in boosting the immune system. These green leafy vegetables are rich in minerals and vitamins and help to minimize the dengue effects.
  • Fruit Juice:- Vitamin C is known as an effective antioxidant as it promotes collagen production which ultimately boosts the immune system. Fruit juices like orange, pineapple, strawberry, guava, papaya, pomegranate, kiwi, etc increase the lymphocytes that are essential to fight viral infection.   
  • A mixture of herbs:- Tulsi, Ashwagandha, Ginger, Giloy are some of the ayurvedic herbs recommended by doctors to control dengue fever.
  • Turmeric:- Consumption of turmeric with milk helps in fast recovery as it is antiseptic and boosts the metabolism and is highly recommended by many doctors.

Herbal Remedies for Dengue Fever

Below are some of the ayurvedic products introduced by Life Aveda for dengue patients to ensure fast recovery from dengue fever.

  • Premium Giloy – The Giloy is quite helpful to boost metabolism and immunity and ultimately leads to fighting dengue efficiently as strong immunity is essential to fight any contagious disease. Besides, it increases the platelet count and provides relief to the patient. Boil small stems of giloy in a glass of water and take it when it is warm.
  • Premium Immunity Enhancer – An effective combination of herbs like giloy, ashwagandha, saunth, Haldi, Amlaki, Tulsi, and Cinnamon is quite effective in boosting your immunity, enables you to fight against contagious diseases, and improves your respiratory tracts.
  • Premium Wheat Grass Wheatgrass supports healthy digestion, immunity, and cholesterol levels. It is useful in natural detoxification and prevents body weakness.

About Dr. Ranjana Kaushal

Dr. Ranjana Kaushal (MD Ayurveda) has 11 years of experience in the field of Ayurveda. Right now she is working as an Ayurveda consultant with Life Aveda. She has immense knowledge about herbs, their uses, and formulations. She has published articles related to many herbs and diseases in an international journal. She is also a degree holder in yoga and naturopathy. Read More..

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