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Ajwain Junglee/Seseli Indicum

Ajwain Junglee Health Benefits, Medicinal Uses, Dosage, and Side effect

Ajwain Junglee has various medicinal uses and has been used in Ayurveda for many ages to treat various digestion-related issues. It promotes the overall health of an individual and maintains the proper functioning of whole digestive organs.

This herb shows effective results in treating various bacterial as well as fungal infections and prevents their further growth. In Ayurveda, it has great deepana and pachana properties that aid to increase digestive fire naturally.

Latin Name: Seseli Indicum

Family: Umbelliferae

Names in different languages:

  1. Hindi Name: Junglee Ajwain
  2. Sanskrit Name: Banywani, Banemani
  3. Gujarati Name: Ajmo
  4. Marathi Name: Ova, Kriminjee oava
  5. Telugu Name: Vamu
  6. Kannada Name: Om kalugalu
  7. Malayalam Name: Ayamodakam
  8. Bengali Name: Ban zoan
  9. Tamil Name: Omam

Morphological characteristics:

Ajwain junglee is a perennial herb with 10 to 30 feet in height and has many branches as well as sub-branches. Leaves are dark green and cut from the endings. Leaf-blades 1 to 3 pinnate are covered with small and soft hairs. Umbels of this herb are compounds with fewer bracts. Its flowers are whitish-pink. Fruits are small, rounded, a little long, and light yellow.

Habitat of Ajwain Junglee:

Junglee ajwain is native to the lower region of the Himalayan range like Dehradun, Gorakhpur, Assam, Koramandal, Bundelkhand, West Bengal, etc.

Medicinal actions:

According to Bhavaprakash Nighantu, the Ajwain junglee is useful in treating various disorders and shows great Ayurvedic properties. Take a look.

  1. Pachana – Ajwain junglee helps to treat various digestive disorders. This herb helps to stimulate the digestive fire and maintains the proper functioning of the digestive system
  2. Shoolaghna – Ajwain junglee is very beneficial for the digestive system, and it is available at every home because it promotes the overall health of the body.
  3. Utejaka– In Ayurveda, utejaka refers to the stimulation of digestive fire. This herb stimulates the digestive fire and treats loss of appetite. It also helps in the proper functioning of the digestive system.
  4. Krimighna – Ajwain junglee helps to kill microbes that cause infection in the body. This herb protects the body from various diseases caused by microbes.
  5. Appetizer – Being an appetizer, it treats loss of appetite and promotes digestion.
  6. Fletus – Fletus is defined as the intestinal gas caused due to bacterial infection because of the waste material accumulated in the body. It helps to treat diseases related to the intestine.

Uses of Ajwain Junglee in various diseases:

  • Tympanitis: Tympanitis is called the inflammation of the tympanic membrane and pain is caused due to the inflammation of the middle ear with oozing blister on the eardrum. Being an inflammatory substance, it reduces inflammation and hence treats pain.
  • Ascaris: Ascaris is a disease in which there are roundworms occurred in the small intestine and cause symptoms like chest discomfort, shortness of breath, blood in mucus, pneumonia, fever, etc. Ajwain junglee is a natural antihelminthic which kills the roundworms and prevents their further growth.
  • Bacterial infection: Bacterial infection in the body can be treated with ajwain junglee because it shows great antibacterial properties that kill the harmful disease-causing bacteria and prevents further growth. It also prevents the body from the further attack of bacteria.
  • Itching: Ajwain junglee has the property to prevent skin infections and their related symptoms like redness, itching, rashes, etc. Its paste works as a natural detoxifier that detoxifies the skin by eliminating harmful toxins.

Other health benefits with remedies:

  1. Seeds of ajwain junglee are used to treat kidney stones and reduce pain caused due to kidney stones.
  2. In acidity, one tablespoon of its seeds helps to maintain the pH level and acid secretion in the abdomen. It is one of the best natural ways to treat acid reflux.
  3. Hot water steam of ajwain junglee seeds helps to clear chest, nasal congestion, and other symptoms related to cold like running nose, headache, watery eyes, etc.
  4. Being a laxative, consumption of its water daily in the morning helps to get rid of constipation and other digestive problems.


  • Powder: 1 to 3 grams
  • Oil: 2 to 3 drops

Conclusion: From this article, it is concluded that the ajwain junglee is very helpful in digestion-related issues. It can be used to treat various cold and cough-related conditions. It also treats bacterial infection naturally.

Note: Our purpose is to serve useful information related to ajwain junglee’s benefits, dosage, and other properties. It is advised to the patients not to consume ajwain junglee on the basis of this information. Before taking ajwain junglee as a medicine it is better to have an expert opinion because dosage and treatment vary from patient to patient depending on their symptoms and medical history.

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