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27 Tips on How to Boost Your Mood

Happiness is a choice

Tips on How to Boost Your Mood and Release Dopamine (a happy and motivating neurotransmitter) 

This article is an attempt to help you to choose daily activities that can significantly contribute into boost your mood.

  1. Good and Quality Sleep
  2. Regular Exercising
  3. Spending time in nature
  4. Write down what you are grateful for
  5. Listen to happy music
  6. Good Laugh
  7. De-clutter and organize your space
  8. Pet a dog or cat
  9. Consume omega-3 fatty acids
  10. What went well?
  11. Take deep and slow breaths
  12. Watch funny videos
  13. Enjoy some coffee or tea
  14. Seek sunshine
  15. Smile often
  16. Smell lavender or Camphor
  17. Enjoy the smell of citrus
  18. Admire the beauty of flowers
  19. Eat some chocolate
  20. Visualize your best self
  21. See green
  22. Touch something soft (or hug a teddy bear)
  23. Offer a compliment
  24. Practice yoga to improve posture and promote health
  25. Take a break from social media
  26. Indulge in a massage
  27. Practice good posture
Tips to Boost Your Mood: Happiness is a choice to make

Simple Tips to boost your mood

Staying happy and confident is both a choice and necessity in the current times. Taking care of yourself and your mental health by engaging in activities that de-stress you is extremely important to be able to lead a happy life in a world of endless competition, pressure, and stressful environment. 

This article is an attempt to help you to choose daily activities that can significantly contribute into boost your mood and dopamine to cheer you up during tough times. 

Read on to introduce yourself to the happiest version of yourself!: Boost Your Mood

  1. Good and Quality Sleep: 7 to 8 hours of sleep is the top indicator for living well, it is scientifically proven that good sleep boost your mood, energy, and sense of well-being, and promotes a happy healthy & life.  Sleeping on time helps you establish a healthy body clock and naturally allows you to rise early in the morning.
  2. Regular Exercising: Regular exercising and physical activities help in fighting stress and anxiety. It helps in boosting overall wellbeing and makes a remarkable difference in your state of mind. It helps in preventing depression and sluggishness and promotes calm and happy sensations. 
  3. Spending time in nature: Nature is the best healer. Taking regular walks in natural environments boosts a happy mood and releases happy hormones. Walking bare feet on the grass in the early mornings, and spending time in your garden amongst the greens, forests, hills, and beaches can leave an extremely positive effect on your mental health and mood. 
  4. Write down what you are grateful for: Being thankful for what you have and making a gratitude journal for the same helps you feel grateful for the little pleasures and blessings of life. Being thankful is an automatic and natural mood uplifter.
  5. Listen to happy music:  Music helps in soothing our mood by releasing our stress and calming our minds. Upbeat music,  calming meditative tunes, or happy sounds can make you feel a lot better during tough days.
  6. Good Laugh: Laughing increases dopamine, a chemical that boosts your mood. It also increases oxygen levels in our bodies which cools down our nervous system and generates an overall calm and happy feeling.
  7. De-clutter and organize your space: Always keep your workspace and home tidy and clutter-free. Cluttering spikes stress hormones which can upset your mood and mess up your mind.
  8. Pet a dog or cat: Stroking, petting, hugging, or playing with animals can rapidly calm and soothe you during stress or anxiety. A dog or cat’s company can help in managing cortisol, the stress hormone, and uplift your mood in no time.
  9. Consume omega-3 fatty acids:  Many scientific studies have found that eating omega-3 fatty acids may alleviate depression and other mood disorders. Sources include fish and flaxseed.
  10. “What went well?” : Contemplate your thoughts and day’s activities before going to bed every night. This helps you to recall what went right through your day and re-live those moments to feel happy and alleviated. 
  11. Take deep and slow breaths: Taking deep and slow breaths help in calming your anxious mind and bring a sense of overall well-being. 
  12. Watch funny videos:  Watching funny videos can considerably help in boosting an upset mood and stimulate happy thoughts and feelings.
  13. Enjoy some coffee or tea: Coffee has been shown to help lower the risk of depression. Drinking tea also has a scientific and magical influence on one’s state of mind by uplifting mood, improving focus, and helping in fighting stress and dementia. 
  14. Seek sunshine:  Sunny days generally bring happiness. Vitamin D has a direct connection with mental health. Getting a dose of Vitamin D in the early morning sunshine can magically transform your day and mood.
  15. Smile often: Smiling can trick your brain into feeling happy. A smiling face not only helps boost your mood but also communicates happiness and positive vibes to others as happiness is a contagious emotion. The more you experience it, the better you can spread it!
  16. Smell lavender or Camphor:   both can help to relax the brain and nervous system, and reduce agitation, anger, aggression, and restlessness.
  17. Enjoy the smell of citrus: citrus smells in the form of fragrances can uplift mood and help in keeping stress at bay.
  18. Admire the beauty of flowers: elements of nature like flowers help in boosting creativity and skills. They also help in keeping your mind and mood fresh and relaxed.
  19. Eat some chocolate: The antioxidants in chocolate provide a burst of endorphins and serotonin, thereby creating happy thoughts and feelings.
  20. Visualize your best self:  It is a proven fact that five-minute visualizations of one’s best possible self, immediately help in boosting your mood instantly.
  21. See green: A study found that we associate the color green with happiness, comfort, excitement, and peace. In fact, gardeners tend to be happier than most people.
  22. Touch something soft (or hug a teddy bear): In a study of consumers, those in a negative state found more comfort in pleasant tactile sensations. This may be linked to the mammalian instinct to return to our mothers during vulnerable states (sick, injured, cold, lost).
  23. Offer a compliment: Do something nice for someone else, hold open a door, flowers or any kind of appreciation or act of kindness can bring happiness to ourselves and others.
  24. Practice yoga to improve posture and promote health: Yoga helps to relax our joints, muscles, stiffness, or stress from the body which relaxes our mind. Deep breathing helps to release any kind of negative thoughts, grudges, or toxicity and boost overall health, and happy health equals a happy mood.
  25. Take a break from social media: Studies have found that due to engaging in social media activities there is a decline in the mental well-being of young adults. Therefore a social media detox is extremely important to declutter your mind hence you should take a break from social activities.
  26. Indulge in a massage: A Good massage increases serotonin levels, which help to promote a happy mood and mental well-being.  Even rubbing your own shoulders, neck, hands, and temples can immediately ease you out and release stress.
  27. Practice good posture: Sitting up straight and releasing your shoulders can help alleviate stress, depression, and fatigue. 

Following a few self-care practices can significantly create happy moments for you in your daily life. Self-care is the best form of self-love and only when you are in a happy and joyous state of mind, you can spread the same to the people around you. So always stay positive, healthy, and motivated and create happiness in a permanent state of your mind.

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